Recovering Potential Addict: A Question For Danielle La Porte

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Someone said it!

I mean… someone positive said it in a lovely way that was, incredibly, still inspiring.  I say it all the time, but, like, usually under my breath or at the back of my brain where I don’t crush anyone’s dreams.

Danielle (supernova and my newest addiction) LaPorte’s latest blog “I’m a recovering potential addict” says this


The dark side of potential is a sense of deficiency. No place, or person, or project wants to hear this: “I love what you could be.”

We all want to hear: “I love what you are … let’s go places together.”

Have the courage to suspend the dream so you can see reality.
Build on sincere love.

I’m an Idealistic Realist.  I see the potential… until I see the reality.  And then the two start fighting. Bare-handed in my brain.  Sometimes with rusty nails they found in the street.

This business idea is going to make MILLIONS!  It’s more likely I’ll be a millionaire than NOT!  I’ll give shares to my family for Christmas!


$2000 and hours of work later to discover it’s not actually legal…


Shoot for the stars!  Believe in yourself! Your book could be a bestseller!  A movie!  The next Eat, Pray, Love!  Invest in it!  Go hard or go home!


Take a reality check.  You’ve never written anything in your life.  You don’t know anyone in the industry.  It’s gonna be a long hard road.  Be happy with doing the best you can.

When I’m with super idealists I’m trying hard not to choke on my own words.  Because, let’s face it, they could use a little bit of a reality check, really.


Until one of them succeeds, incredibly.  Then I’m really glad I didn’t give them a reality check.  And I wonder if I don’t need to get more addicted to potential, instead of reality?

Until one of them fails, painfully.  And then I’m really sad I didn’t give them a reality check.  And I wonder if I don’t need to get more bold with reality, instead of just believing in potential?


So here is my question for you Danielle:

Where’s the line? How do we discriminate between Potential and Reality and help others do the same?  




Bit of light reading over your coffee?