A Rainbow, A Muslim and a Glass of Wine

Posted on May 11, 2011 in God | 0 comments

Today I saw a rainbow.

I also had tea with a Muslim man. Who was lovely and said the aim of life is to please God.  He went in

to a lot of detail about the inaccuracy of the bible and how the divinity of Jesus was only confirmed as a political manouveur.

“The Qu’ran though… The Qu’ran is direct revelation from God and wholly unaffected by people.”

“Oh yes?  Why do you say that?”

“It says so!  It says that it shall not be affected by people and will remain pure.”

“Hmm… interesting.  The Bible has the same verse did you know?”

“… No.  Nooo.  Must be stolen from the Qu’ran.”

No matter how nice they are, behind every fundamentalist is an irrational being.

Lastly, I drank wine with a friend while pretending to do an assignment. Love meeting new people who I love.

Bit of light reading over your coffee?