And the Guy of My Dreams is… Aladdin

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Am currently filtering through my private online blog retrieving thoughts from the past four years and came across this… pretty sure I’m onto a new psychological phenomenon here.

Anyone else’s ideal person based on the first cartoon you ever watched?

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Saturday, December 24, 2011

There’s nothing like karaoke singing to “A Whole New World” with your 7 year old niece to bring some life clarity.  The particular revelation this morning is that I am in love with Aladdin.

Not the movie.  The actual character, Aladdin; the make-his-own-way-in-life urchin with street smarts, a sense of adventure, incorrigible confidence and the ability to scrub up into a Prince at a moment’s notice.  And let’s not forget his loyalty to his friends – even if they are carpet and a monkey – athletic body and cheeky half smile.
Bit disturbing how my dream guy is dictated by the first romantic cartoon I ever watched.
Thank goodness it wasn’t Shrek.

Bit of light reading over your coffee?