Bathroom Mirror

Posted on Aug 8, 2011 in Me | 0 comments

“Ugh what is wrong with my face?  Skin so red and wrinkly and old looking…

You just need to exercise, Clair.  And drink lots of water.”

I pass the empty water cup going back to my computer, still fully decked out in yoga gear I put on a half hour ago intending to start a session.

“And stop eating chocolate when you have a cough”

Lips close over a delicious, albeit large, bit of handmade chocolate fudge my sister made me for my birthday.

“And rest up when you’re not well, so your body can rejuvenate.”

Confirming ‘yes’ to tonight’s drinks in the city via sms, I flick the lamp on, play some Michael Jackson and get back to facebook.

Let it be noted that it’s a lack of discipline that ruined my face, physique and bank account.

Bit of light reading over your coffee?