Christopher Hitchens: Letters to a Young Contrarian

Posted on Dec 13, 2011 in God | 3 comments

It may be that you, my dear X, recognise something of yourself in these instances; a disposition to resistance, however slight, against arbitrary authority or witless mass opinion, or a thrill of recognition when you encounter some well-wrought phrase from a free intelligence.

Yes! Me!

“Dei sacrificium intellectus”; an immodest and hysterical desire to annihilate the intellect at the feet of an idol.   

Sounds like a few people I know…

“If you want to stay in for the long haul, and lead a life that is free from illusions either propagated by you or embraced by you, then I suggest you learn to recognize and avoid the symptoms of the zealot and the person who knows that he is right.”

Am buying the book right now.

Bit of light reading over your coffee?