Dinner in Santorini

Posted on Jul 17, 2012 in Travel | 0 comments

I come back from the bathroom in Skala restaurant, Santorini, to a scene straight from “Eat, Pray, Love”.  A big corner table directly overlooking the ocean is crowded with characters from all corners of the globe; Biljiana, a blonde and energetic Macedonian sits next to Sheena, a Gold Coast babe with long, black hair and real (expensive!) boobs.

The owner of the restaurant, 60 year old Stavros, has his hand on Kendyl’s back and is attempting to convince her to go to the island of Eos with him to his resort for a couple of days.  Despite the promise to return her to us in Mykonos by Sunday, she’s not convinced and laughs him away every few minutes.  Our guests this evening are Kamal and Thyme, businessman and actor/producer respectively who live… I can’t remember where.  Maybe LA but they’re in Santorini for a cool 6 weeks just ‘hanging out’.  Kamal’s from Melbourne and has a place just down the road from my favorite little dancing haunt Boutique.  It’s bizarre coming halfway around the world to find so many people from so close to home.

I’m sitting next to our host, George, who has developed a little crush and says ‘Wow!’ while staring at me intensely whenever I turn my head in his direction.  He ordered us lobster spaghetti (my first taste of lobster) to go with the array of seafood dishes Stavros’ kitchen keeps bringing to the table.  I can barely move I’ve eaten so much and George’s constant offers to feed me lobster on a fork are not helping.  To his left are four local Greeks, an older couple and two 30-something women.  I don’t understand a word they’re saying but it’s loud and apparently funny.  It’s midnight, a nearly full moon is reflecting on the ocean and a warm breeze flickers the candles…

Beauty is worth living for.

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