Jesus Had A Back Up Plan. Just Sayin’.

Posted on Mar 1, 2013 in God | 2 comments

I’ve always felt a little bit underwhelmed by this concept.

I’m supposed to be grateful and overawed by the fact that Jesus gave his life for me.  Well for everyone who ever lived really, but even if I was the only human being he ever created, he still would have died just for me.

So I went to see Mel Gibson’s “The Passion” along with everyone else and walked out feeling solemn and disgusted at how brutal crucifixion was in those days and nodded in sympathy with those people genuinely crying at the thought that Jesus did all that for them.

I didn’t really get that last bit though…

Because if you know you are God, you know that death doesn’t really mean that much.  It’s not exactly the end of the world.  And Jesus knew he was going to come back to life.  He foretold it.

I understand that he didn’t have to, that he didn’t deserve it because he was ‘the only person who has never sinned.’   But, really, has anybody ever been ridiculed, beaten, had nails driven through their appendages and hung on a piece of wood and thought ‘Yep. I deserve this.’? 

Crucifixion is a pretty horrible way to go but there are worse ways to die.  And all of the people who have died in these other ways, none of them had any back up plan close to that of the Son of God.

I just wonder if the knowledge that you’re going to be raised from the dead a few days later with the power to walk through walls doesn’t bring some comfort amongst the whole dying unnecessarily gig?

Bit of light reading over your coffee?