If Someone Says ‘Don’t Question’, Is It Naughty To Ask Why?

Posted on Mar 18, 2013 in God | 6 comments

Time to experiment with the idea of using those things which are frustrating to produce beautiful thoughts rather than angry ones, like a springboard; can pushing away from them propel me to higher heights rather than depths of bitterness?

Just because I happened upon it in some research yesterday, the first is the latest blog of my ex-pastor.  *slight nervous feeling*.  These always have some vibrant artwork to accompany them but I am most definitely not an artist.  So I made my own pretty quote thing instead…

“Don’t question His love for you.  Declare His love for you.” – Phil Pringle

Focus on the good things you have in life AND revel in your ability and freedom to question whatever you like.  – Me


If something doesn’t seem to add up, first give it the benefit of the doubt.  Look at it from a different angle.  Take it outside so you can see it in the sun or glinting under raindrops.  Sleep on it.  Write it in a big fat pink texta and a teenie-pointed led pencil.  Swap the elements of it around, throw in some new ones and see what happens.  Play with it, appreciate it, laugh at it.  Hold it lightly, consider it gravely and see what your friends think.

Refrain yourself, though, from scrubbing out what is clearly the answer and rewriting another one that feels more comfortable.  Join the ranks of the likes of Galileo and place the facts clearly in front of you, fighting the impulse to throw them out the window, as far from you as possible.

Those are the things Discovery is made of.

And you are more than welcome to question them whenever you like.

Bit of light reading over your coffee?