My Blind Date with Malaga, Part 4

Posted on Feb 3, 2013 in Travel | 0 comments

“If it actually has two bedrooms, I’ve just decided I’ll take it on the spot.”

I’m telling this to Max, one of the German Erasmus students who fill Malaga’s short-term accommodation places during their three-month Uni exchange (read: binge-drinking, party-fest) with short-term, high paying rental contracts.   AirBnB found me my own room for four days and on emerging from the pleasure of my own uninterrupted company for an entire 24 hours (a luxury unheard of the past 6 months) I discover the rest of this unlit, unkept, tiny apartment is occupied by four of the sweetest 20-somethings Europe ever had the delight in producing.  They are to be my salvation.

What they pay for one bedroom in this crowded, paint-peeling student apartment is about three-quarters of the monthly rent of a modern, sunny two-bedroom place I’ve booked to see first thing the next day.  So when the place turns out to actually have a second room as advertised (not as common an occurrence as you might think!) I have no worries.  Three days later I’ve signed a year-long contract.  I think I want to be back in Australia for Summer but you know… details, details.

And so… I’m officially living in Malaga.  (Cheers!  Applause!  Life Altering Decision Made!  Wahoo!)

You know the first time you tug on a dress for Summer?  Entering My apartment after 6 months on Others beds was just the same feeling.  I ran around opening windows, checking cupboards, turning on taps and confirming the location of light switches for a good half an hour, like my friends’ dog doing circles before it beds down.  Then I went to the markets and bought salt, pepper, butter and garlic as well as the usual meats, veggies and bread.  Then I went to IKEA and bought an entire suitcase full of items (yes, I took an actual suitcase.  I just pretended that’s how we did it in Australia), including a garlic press, hand towels and some candles.  Then I went to LUSH for my first ever purchase of ridiculously priced soap and bought 150 grams of a blue one for the bathroom and 300 grams of a sunset coloured one for the kitchen.  As a housewarming gift to myself.

I know, I know… it was only just over 6 months ago I was thinking how amazing it was to be whittling my life down to one suitcase and no keys.  And no regrets.  I highly recommend it even just for the exercise of working out what you really need.  And for the story to tell your grandkids.

I’ve discovered though there’s only so long you can live looking at a blank slate before you start to get bored with it.

Blank slates are just begging to be drawn on.  And I am SOOO ready to draw.  This little apartment is going to be a very happy base for… some life purpose thingy that will reveal itself soon hopefully 😉

And so, fluffy towels in the bathroom, nice scents playing with the breezes and lamps lit for the approaching dusk…

A home? TICK.

Now for some wine and friends to fill it with laughter!

I’ll start with this one, my new flatmate 😀  If you’re after some inspiration to quick your day job, check out his website!

Bit of light reading over your coffee?