Someone’s gotta manage the Body Corporate

Posted on Apr 30, 2012 in Life | 0 comments

A neighbour spilled red nail polish all over the front door to our apartment block a few weeks ago.  I walked out to see her furiously attempting to scrub it off with water.  After suggesting she try nail polish remover  instead (!!), we talked about whether the Body Corporate would be responsible for fixing it or if she might have to pay.

I’d never, ever, ever in a million, trillion years want to work for a Body Corporate.  Fixing the most mundane annoyances about everyday lives of people you have never met and liasing with plumbers and builders about buildings you have never been to would totally suck.  But the absolute worst part of it would be working with Body Corporate Presidents.  You know… that annoying person in every apartment block who creates signs like “Close the door softly please” and sets up spreadsheets for people to nominate when they’d like to use the communal areas.  They’re usually called Margaret or Bruce and have nothing better to do but notice who it was who folded the box into the recycling bin instead of breaking it into little pieces (me!).

But someone’s gotta do it.

Cos a life without Body Corporate would be awful.  Messy.  Argumentative.  Annoying.  Someone has to spend their 9-5 working day dealing with other people’s little annoyances and retired, self-appointed Body Corporate Presidents.

Which brings me to my beef with the pop psychology of everyone ‘just doing what they love’.  If you extrapolated that out to the entire population, we wouldn’t have a Body Corporate.  Cos nobody loves working for a Body Corporate so no one would do it.

I’m very open for arguments on this one but my pragmatic, pessimistic side says: some people in this life get to do what they love.  Hopefully they also get to make money from it.  Everyone else gets to make a living and enjoy stuff outside of the daily 9-5 grind.  Everyone should strive to be one of those people who get to do what they love but let’s not diminish the value of people who do jobs they hate cos they can’t get money any other way.  They keep my front doorstep red nail polish free.

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