The Other Four Letter C-Word I Can’t Say

Posted on May 15, 2013 in God | 1 comment

So I still can’t say the four-letter C word.

It’s just so… crass.  To be able to say it, someone needs to put it into some sort of meme like “That shit cray” and “Da fuck?”.  THEN maybe I’d say it.


There’s another four letter C-word, though, that is coming up a lot lately and I’m nearly as hesitant to say it as the other one.

Let’s do an experiment and see if you can guess what it is.  It describes a group where:


1. The people in it show lots of zeal for the group’s cause and leader

2. There’s lots of attention on one charismatic leader

3. There is an ‘us-vs-them’ mentality with people outside the group

4. Despite this, there is a preoccupation with bringing new people into the group

5. There is also a preoccupation with making money

6. Submission to authority is encouraged

7. Questioning and doubting is discouraged.

8. There’s a lot of talk about guilt around certain behaviours

9. There is a fear of leaving the group/belief system

10. Being a part of the group often means you need to cut ties with friends and family OR leaving the groups means you need to cut ties with friends and family

11. The group claims an exalted status for itself over other similar groups

12. Emotions and thoughts of individuals are not as valid as the beliefs of the group

13. The leader is not directly accountable to any other authority except God

14. The people in the group are expected to devote lots of time to the groups activities.

15. Mind deadening activities like meditation, chanting or speaking in tongues are practiced regularly.

(Source: ICSA)


I remember sitting with a friend on a hill who was telling me how someone told her she was in a c*#t.  We laughed ourselves silly!!

“Yeah, and Ps Phil drives a red ferrari!!!  Hahahahahaha!!”


It was an Audi 6 he drove, by the way.


Bit of light reading over your coffee?

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