Things I have lost in 7 weeks of travel

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Things I have lost in 7 weeks of travel:

1. Waterproof, shockproof camera swimming in Croatian harbour at 3am in the morning.

2. Chicken fillets doing a back flip into a club’s pool in Myknonos, Greece.

3. Micro fibre towel getting back to the hostel in Rome at what I thought was half an hour before checkout to find my bag hastily packed by the girls when kicked out by some grumpy cleaners half an hour earlier.

4. European plug adaptor at same hostel.  Found another one left by someone else in the next hostel though, so I’m even on this one.

5. Shampoo and Conditioner, Body Wash and Exfoliating Glove in one of the towns of the Cinqe Terre, Italy.

6. My nightie. This one is particularly concerning.  Possibly on an overnight train in France.

6. A second Waterproof, shockproof camera swimming in the beach at Lagos, Portugal at 3am in the morning.

7. The accessories for the replacement for above camera at a cafe in Paris 2 hours after I bought it .  Still have accessories from the last time I replaced my camera so not an issue.

8. My Kindle. (Sorry Dad)  The first and only time I ever said to myself “I’ll remember to put that back in my bag before I get off the plane.” I won’t.

New Rules for Not Losing My Camera:

1. Camera is not invited out on drinking nights, especially if there’s a chance of swimming in a large body of water in the early hours of the morning.

2. Camera now has a hairband attached which goes on the wrist anytime it is ‘out of the house’.

3. Camera is housebound (side pocket of handbag) and not allowed to play outside (bottom of handbag along with streeturchins Chewing Gum and Crumpled Receipts)

According to the above schedule I managed to travel through an entire country, Spain, without losing anything of value (I am counting the nightie as France).   Still, estimated cost of battle against the Clair Brain so far; $900.00.  Which is like, an entire MONTH in South America. FML.

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