Why “The Island” Movie is Just Like Leaving Christianity

Posted on Mar 7, 2013 in God | 0 comments

I’ve just realised.  The movie “The Island” is just like leaving Christianity.  Or any religion I suppose.

I always thought I liked the movie because it was the first one my ex and I ever saw together.  I took my boots off so I could drape my legs across his in the darkness of the cinema.  So naughty.

But no, I like the movie “The Island” because it’s my story.  And probably yours as well if you’re an ex-believer like me.

Think about it.

… Lincoln Six Echo and Jordan Two Delta live in a highly sanitised, controlled environment; ‘For their own benefit’.   The World Out There is polluted and if they go into it, they might die.

… The entire population is hung up on this idea of what happens ‘after you leave’ and it’s touted as a paradise.  A perfect place where you will always be happy.  No-one has ever actually returned from the paradise and yet their job, their goal, is to prepare themselves for it, to make sure they’re in the best condition.

… They are all told ‘You are special.  You have been chosen.  You have a special purpose.’ as part of thought control techniques.

… Curiosity is discouraged. There’s something wrong with Lincoln Six Echo because he questions, because he wonders about things, because he’s not just content with what he has.  He needs medication, a different diet…

… Until he dares to question enough to go beyond the doors and to see for himself.  And what he sees is nothing like what he was told it was.

… At which point he grabs anyone who will believe him and starts running.

“You still think there’s an Island?”

… And then that moment…

Oh that moment!

 When they’re running.  Fearing for their lives.  Confused at all the strangeness. Not sure where they’re going but just knowing that something, something is wrong.  Until they open another door after a series of doors and…

Sunshine, blinding Sunshine!  A view stretches away beyond the horizon.  The dirt is solid and red beneath their feet. The World That Wasn’t Supposed To Be – Is and It’s Huge.  Not empty, not dying but wide and fascinating and incongruously more beautiful and scary and exhilarating than any manufactured thing inside the shiny curved walls and sliding doors of their former life.

Their former prison.

Where their friends still reside.  Blissfully happy in their ignorance, believing Lincoln and Jordan have done something very, very wrong.

The only difference with the movie is, doors in a Mind only open one way.  From the inside out.

Bit of light reading over your coffee?